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What do you need to pay attention to when cooling tower is running

What do you need to pay attention to when cooling tower is running

Cooling tower is a kind of cooling equipment in which the circulating cooling water is sprayed on the filler in the tower body, so that it can directly touch the air and dissipate the heat carried to the atmosphere through transpiration and convection.

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Cooling tower work has the following needs to pay attention to:
1.reducer should often check the oil level, the oil recommended with 22 ~ 28 hyperbolic gear oil or 90 ~ 120 industrial gear oil, summer with large viscosity oil. After 20 days of work, the oil will be drained and replaced with new oil.

2.The fan, motor and reducer shall be checked according to the corresponding product instructions before working. Especially the motor wiring shall be connected according to the wiring diagram provided by the motor factory. Start after meeting the requirements, starting sequence, from low speed to high speed. After the blade viewpoint is installed according to the specified value of the sample, if the high-speed working current exceeds the rated value, the machine should be shut down immediately and contact the manufacturer as soon as possible. The standards for adjusting the view point of the fan blade to meet the requirements are as follows: A. The height difference Δh between the upper point and the lower point is obtained by marking the upper and lower edges of each fan blade 150mm from the air duct, and the difference between larger and smaller Δh values of each blade should not be greater than 2mm; B. Elevation value of the upper edge of the blade 150mm away from the air duct, the difference between the larger and smaller elevation value of each blade shall not be greater than 0.002R(R is the radius of the fan); C. The current of the motor at high speed is equal to 0.9 ~ 0.95 of the rated value.

3.If the water quality of circulating water and supplementary water is poor, water quality stability should be adopted, and a side filter should be set up. If necessary, sterilization and algal killing should be adopted.

4.FRP belongs to the incineration body, so the cooling tower should not be used in the maintenance of open fire, such as the use of open fire is necessary to take corresponding safety measures, and it is necessary to pass the fire, safety department consent, full-time fire personnel, fire facilities present.

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The above is Jiangsu Yunuo Cooling Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce you to the cooling tower operation needs to pay attention to what all the content, if you have any questions, please feel free to consult.

Post time: Nov-16-2022